We aren't taking new orders at the moment.
Due to a family illness, we arent able to take any new orders at the moment, and our office is closed. We're still making orders placed before December 31. We're really sorry for any inconvenience.

We are a family-run company, creating the beautiful handmade tiles from our small studio in Cornwall.

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Our latest range, the Vintage Collection is an eclectic mix of antique designs, drawing inspiration from our own much-loved treasures of the past. Highly unique and full of personality.

Includes Patchwork tiles, Roses, and more.

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With classically inspired tiles using original engravings, the English Collection is the flagship of Welbeck’s range. Traditional designs with timeless appeal, to complement interiors of today and yesterday.

Includes Tableware, Word tiles, Herb Panels, Cutlery, and other charcoal designs.

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Vibrant colourful designs and vintage holiday mementos from a bygone era give this collection its charm. Inspired by wonderful memories of British seaside holidays, this is a truly unforgettable range of tiles.

Includes Postcard tiles, Advertising Signs, Shells, and more.

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From modern geometric designs to exquisite botanical illustrations, the Platinum Collection is a stunning range combining beautiful engravings with matt and shiny precious metals.

Includes Botanicals, Silver Squares and more metallic designs.